2018 - Timetable and teacher details will be availble very shortly...


2017 Information below.


Waikanae Studio Timetable - Parata Street







  9:30 Little Stars: Pre-school dance

10:15 Dance with me

10:45 Adult dance fit

  3:30 Ballet - Primary

  4:00 Combined - 1

  5:00 Combined - 3

  6:00 Ballet - Grade 3

  6:30 Open Contemporary

  7:30 Jazz - Grade 6

  8:00 Lyrical - Grade 6

  8:30 Ballet - Grade 6



2:15 Little Stars: Pre-school dance


3:30 Ballet - Grade 2

4:00 Ballet - Primary

4:30 Combined - Primary

5:30 Mini Performance Team

6:00 Acrobatics - Grade 2

6:30 Ballet - Grade 3

7:00 Acrobatics - Grade 3


5:30 Hip Hop 5-8yrs


6:30 Hip Hop 9 + yrs


3:30 - Combined - Grade 1

4:30 Junior Performance Team 

5:00 Finish

3:15 Private

3:45 Private

4:15 Inter Performance

5:00 Senior Performance

6:00 Tap - Grade 5

6:30 Acrobatics - Grade 7


9:30 Little Stars : Pre-school dance

10:15 Ballet - Primary

10:45 Combined - Primary

11:45 Ballet - Intro Grade 1

12:15 Combined - 1

  1:15 Ballet - Grade 1



Waikanae Studio Timetable - Te Moana Road






  7:00PM Yoga with Elise




5:15 Tap NZAMD Level 2

5:45 Tap BTDA Grade 4

6:15 Tap BTDAGrade 6






Term 4 classes

If you have been registered in a class for Term 3 we will carry you over to Term 4 classes and all you need to do is turn up. If you have other plans then please tell us before the start of term. 

To help our students focus on their teacher, regardless of age, we ask that parents remain outside of the studio at all times. For our younger students please do a toilet stop before class, students leaving during classes is very disruptive for the teacher and the other students in the class who we know are all trying really had to learn so please help them along their way.

Please be on time for class. If you are late, then do not just enter the room, wait until the music has stopped, then check with the teacher that it is okay to come into class. This is important dance studio etiquette which we like to instill in students from an early age.

Monday 1st May - Friday 8th July

No Raumati classes on Wednesday 24th May and Wednesday 21st June.


Little Stars - Age 3 - 5

This is suitable for pre-schoolers to those entering their first year at school. If you are turning five in term 3 or 4 we recommend you remain in the Little Stars class until the end of the calendar year. You then become our leaders in the dances for the annual performance. Students may be invited to take a Rose Award or Baby medal award during Term 3.


Combined classes - Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Acro

This class allows students to learn different styles throughout the year. Students take an exam in one style and a medal test in another during the year.  New students seven or under should register for the Primary class. Returning students if you took a combined class for the first time last year register for Primary class. If you have taken combined classes for more than one year register for the grade you worked in last year. Students remain at the same level for two years to allow all disciplines to have been assessed.

Combined - Primary teaches only primary level work - usually suitable for new students 5 - 7 years

Combined - 1 teaches up to Grade 1 eg. Grade 1 Lyrical, Grade 1 Jazz, Primary Tap, students with at least 2 years experience and usually 7-10 years

Combined - 3 teaches up to Grade 3 eg. Grade 1 Lyrical, Grade 3 Tap, Grade 3 Jazz, students with at least 3 years experience and usually 10-12 years


Ballet is incorporated into all our pre-school dance classes. At the age of 5 students can choose to take ballet as a separate class. Preparatory, Primary, Introduction to Grade 1 are all beginner classes for ages 5 - 8 years. Students learn at different rates so sometimes we do need to mix up ages based on abilities and understanding of each child. This makes classes more focused for students and teachers and everyone gets more out of the class.  Technique needs to be learnt carefully and not rushed in these early days of ballet, rushing through levels will lessen your technique in the long run. Grade 1 classes upwards, students will be 8 years upwards and have at least 2 years experience. 


This is incorporated into all our combined classes. It is very complimentary to all other forms of dance adding to strength, flexibility and control.  We recommend ballet students incorporate it into their programme if possible.  Students at Grade 2 must be able to hold a handstand and headstand to the wall, have strong bridges, perfect cartwheels on at least one side, increasing flexibility in legs and hip towards flat splits. If you are not at this level please join a combined class first or book private classes to get you to this level before joining a grade 2 class. Assessments prior to registering for a class are available. 

Acrobatic Antics

A new group for all ages - adults and children. The class will be working on strength and group balances / pyramids for most of the year before performing in term 4 at our school show. All ages welcome we need big people and little people to make this work.  This is a relaxed social class for those who are big kids at heart and want to stay kids.


Beginners tap for those 5 or under. Level 1 tap for those 6 upwards who have never tapped before. All other classes require previous exam passes or experience.

Hip Hop

This is by age and ability. Hip Hop 1 is for ages 6 -8 years. Hip Hop 2 for 8-10 years and Hip Hop 3 for 10 plus. This is a general guide. If you have been taking Hip Hop for a couple of years you may be able to join HH3, check with us if you are unsure.

If you are not sure which class to take then please call us to discuss. We want to put you in a class that will keep you engaged and having fun. 

We do expect you to go home and practice. We can give you music and some tips to take home to help you with your practice. If you go home and practice between classes you will master steps and routines faster and enjoy the class more and more each time.  You will progress faster through the levels and your award results and performance level will rise.


Performance Teams 

These are by invitation or audition. We have three teams this year. Junior, Inter and Senior Performance teams. For consideration to these teams you will need to be taking a combined class for at least a year and preferably also ballet. If you are selected for a team we actively encourage you to broaden your range of styles to include ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, acrobatics.  The time for junior team is tbc.

Mini Performance Team - 5 - 6 years 

Junior Performance Team - 6 - 9 years

Inter Performance Team - 9 - 13 years

Senior Performance Team 13 - 18 years

Hip Hop Crew

Currently under review


Adult classes

Monday and Friday a great fun, sociable dance class. All welcome. 


Teachers for 2017

Michelle Lewis MBTDA

Registered Teacher BTDA

Teaches - Acrobatics, Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Tap

Years teaching experience: 25

Michelle established the school in 2008 having danced since a very young age learning all disciplines. With the help of lots of parents through the Waikanae Performing Arts Society she co-ordinates events of the school throughout the year as well as teaching throughout the week.


Levi Siaosi

Teaches - Hip Hop

We welcome Levi in Term 3. Levi has trained at The Company in Wellington. Levi recently moved to Waikanae with his family. He looks forward to sharing his passion for dance with our students.


Jessica Collins

NZAMD Level 8

BTDA Grade 6 

Teaches - Tap

Years teaching experience: 2

Jessica trained in Auckland under Chris Deuxberry before moving to the Kapiti Coast in 2015. We first came across Jessica at competitions in Auckland where she danced the most amazing tap impromptu - made up on the spot to a full audience!. This is her forte and students learning under Jessica will have lots of fun in her classes.


Term dates 2017:

Monday 16th October - Saturday 9th December

The school does not run classes on public holidays. 

Fees are based on the school offering each session 32 weeks a year (average 8 per term). Some terms you may get 9 or 10 sessions as a bonus.

Exams are held in terms 3 or 4. All students who are ready are invited to take an exam. Fees are additional to term fees and require correct uniform to be worn.



Please have the correct uniform for your class. Details are on our website and can be ordered through the studio. 


Upcoming performances : 

Waikanae Labour Weekend Market

Paraparaumu School Fete - November 



Adult dance pay teacher directly

Dance with me (under 3’s class) $50 per term

Pre-school class $90 per term

Primary class / Combined class runs for 30 - 55 minutes $105 per term

Grade / Level 1 - 3 class runs for 30 - 55 minutes   $115 per term

Grade 4 - 6 class runs for 30 - 60 minutes $120 per term

Open classes runs for up to 55 mins $120 per term

Performance team 1 hour class $120 per term

Private class 30 minutes $30

All prices include GST.



All term fees must be paid within the first 2 weeks of term unless a regular payment schedule or other arrangements have been made with the school. Please put payment into account : Waikanae Dance School 06 0592 0081210 00 Ref: Your child’s name. Particulars - class day/time eg Tu4pm. If you require a GST receipt please let us know so we can mail one to you.

Contact details:

Michelle 021 255 6156. Best time to contact is 12-2pm daily. 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please note this email is not monitored 24/7 we dance more than check emails. So if you need a quick response text Michelle on the above number.


Other events available at the studio:

Kapiti Dance Workshops

2 day workshops in the first week of every school holiday. Register your interest anytime.


A week long holiday programme of acting, singing and dance. Second week of every holiday. Monday - Friday 9-3pm with a free performance for all families on the Friday at 6pm. 



We can pass on your details to teachers if you are interested in joining the classes.


Waikanae Performing Arts Society

The incorporate society was set up by parents of the school to provide further opportunities for dancers to be involved in the arts. It fundraises and is the people power behind many of our out of studio events. There is no membership fee.  If you can volunteer to help with something to support our young people during the year then please tick YES on this years student enrolment form where we ask about if you would be a member. There is one AGM a year, everything else is kept as casual as possible and we organise through studio chats, emails etc.