Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stay in the class?

Both our studios have viewing windows for family members to watch their children. Whilst some children may be a bit apprehensive at the first class they usually settle down before we get to half way through. If we do have any problems settling your child in the class then of course we will ask you to come and join in with us as this will help your child settle in faster. At all other times we ask parents to leave the class as experience over the years has taught us that the children learn better in a teacher and student only environment.

Can I get a discount on classes?

If you are taking more than three classes a week talk to us about our hourly rate option.

I can't see the dance style I want to take on the programme?

Please call us on 021 255 6156.  We are always willing to offer other classes where there is sufficient interest.

I'm not sure which class is best for my child?

We recommend you come along and watch or try the different classes you might be interested in. Within reason, you may try a couple of classes before signing up for the term. 

What should my child wear to class?

If your child does not have a leotard and tights then for their 1st term children may wear comfortable clothing that allows easy movement e.g. leggings and a t shirt.  Jeans or other tight fitting trousers are not suitable as are any clothing with studs. No jewellery is allowed in class as it can scratch or get easily caught and we wouldn't want anything broken.

The full uniform for classes are shown on the uniform page and may be purchased through the studio. Families should budget for leotard and tights together with the necessary dance shoes from the second term.  All students intending on taking exams will need to have correct leotard, tights and shoes.  

Tap shoes are borrowed in class for pre-schoolers when needed. Dancers up to the age of 8 may on a first come first serve basis hire tap shoes from the school. Students over the age of 8 and performance team members are expected to purchase their own tap shoes.  We have a limited number of shoes for new students who are trying out a class.  

We do find that pre-school children usually want to dress the same as the others in the class, so you may have pressure from your little dancer to purchase ballet shoes fairly early on.

What qualifications do the teachers have?

Michelle is a registered teacher with the British Theatre Dance Association (BTDA).  Michelle personally provides regular mentoring to the younger teachers Alex, Jessica and Charis.  Details of all teachers qualifications are provided to parents in the information booklet emailed to all students each year.