All our examinations follow the British Theatre Dance Association Programme of Study. 




What are Rose Awards ?

These are an introduction to the dance examination environment. Students go into the room in groups of up to 4 with their teacher and perform a number of exercises.

Rose awards can be taken in any dance subject, ballet, tap, modern jazz, lyrical or acrobatics. There are two levels, silver and gold.

They are suitable for children aged 3 to 8 years. Students with special needs may take these awards at any age.

All successful dancers receive a trophy and comments from the examiner on the day.

What are graded examinations ?

Graded examinations are a structured programme of dance moves that develop technique and presentation skills. Examinations are suitable for ages 5 to adult.

There are 10 levels starting with Preparatory, Primary, Grade 1 - 8. Additional examinations - known as vocational exams can be taken for those more serious about pursing dance as a career or who want to learn more about other aspects of dance including history, anatomy and choreography.

Graded examinations can be taken in any dance subject, ballet, tap, modern jazz, lyrical or acrobatics.

Successful dancers will receive either a Pass, Pass with Merit or Pass with Distinction grade.

What are medal tests ?

For a medal test the dancer performs a short dance (up to 3 minutes) in front of an audience. For the dance you will need to have a costume with shoes and hair appropriate to the style of the dance.

There are 15 levels starting with medals, then stars, shields, statuettes and cups. They are taken in any dance subject, ballet, tap, modern jazz, lyrical or acrobatics. As you progress through the levels dances become more technically challenging and longer. At statuette level 2 or 3 dances are performed. For cups between 4 and 8 dances are performed in both classical (ballet -greek - national) and cabaret (modern jazz - lyrical - acrobatics - tap).

All successful dancers will receive a certificate, medal and comment sheet.

What is the cost of taking an exam ?

Exam fees are set by the BTDA each year. A list of the 2012 prices are below. A small fee is also added by the dance school to cover the room hire. Parents will also need to allow for providing the necessary leotards, tights and dance shoes.


Preparatory  $49 Primary  $52 
Intro to Grade 1   $55 Grade 1   $60 
Grade 2  $62 Grade 3   $65
Grade 4   $75  Grade 5   $78
Grade 6  $84 Grade 7   $86
Grade 8  $94  Intermediate   $108/$140 
Advanced Foundation  $123/$155 Advanced 1   $125/$157
Advanced 2  $137/$169 Diploma   $179/$235
Bronze medal  $32 Silver medal  $34
Gold medal  $36  Bronze star  $37
Silver star  $39 Gold star   $41
1st shield  $45 2nd shield  $47
3rd shield  $49 1st statuette  $52
2nd statuette  $54 3rd statuette  $56
Cup  $75 Silver Rose Award  $41
Gold Rose Award  $43 Crystal Award Level 1  $43
Crystal Award Level 2  $45 Crystal Award Level 3  $47
Crystal Award Level 4  $48 Crystal Award Level 5  $51

When are the exams ?

Our next exam session will be in June 2015. Entries will be required by 1 April 2015. Our September/October session will require entries to be in by 15 July.

These are all day session between 8am and 6pm. You will be required for approximately 1 hour per exam at some time during the day if you are taking an exam or medal. Exams can be any day of the week. We do not have flexibility on days but are able to have a bit of flexibility on the time we enter your child during the day. Please enquire prior to payment.

How many exams can I take in one session ?

Students may only take 3 graded exams in any one day.

Students taking graded exams are also encouraged to take a medal test in the same session as this allows them to get feedback from the examiner on the day, which they find rewarding.

Do we get the results on the day ?

Students taking medal tests or rose awards will receive their result on the day. All other students will receive their results within 6 weeks. All students get their certificates at a special presentation event usually within 8 weeks of the session.