Uniform requirements (essential for exams)

It is important that dancers come in clothing suitable for the excercises and movement they will dance during the class.

Pre-school classes

Girls - Pink leotard, skirt and ballet shoes. Hair - in a bun

Boys - White T shirt, dark shorts, ballet shoes



From Preparatory Jazz, Lyrical and Tap & Grade 1 Ballet upwards  

(aged 7 usually)

Girls - Coloured leotard, tights and ballet, tap, jazz shoes

Hair - in a bun


Boys Ballet - White short sleeve leotard, black tights, white or black socks and matching ballet shoes

Boys Jazz, Tap -White T shirt, dark shorts, ballet, tap, jazz shoes 



Selecting shoes - it is important that dance shoes fit correctly.

Children trying to dance with shoes that "they will grow in to" hinders the development of correct technique.

Shoe Fitting guidelines

Jazz Shoes     these should fit snugly to the whole of the foot. They should not sag around the ankle line.  Laces that tie in small single bows are required. The correct fitting of jazz shoes enables the teacher or assessor for examinations to see the correct line of the foot. This is obscured when shoes are too large.
Ballet Shoes     as for Jazz shoes they should fit snugly to the whole of the foot to enable the extension line of the foot to be observed.
Tap Shoes  these should be sized as for normal wear shoes. The toes and upper part of the ball of the foot will be over the ball tap when fitted correctly.