Modern Jazz

Also known as freestyle is usually danced to popular music. It requires strength and control of all parts of the body although tempos can be slow or fast. It also requires stamina and high energy levels when executed to a high standard.



Requires control, strength and flexibility of all parts of the body. It is largely worked on the floor although troupe work involves lifts, balances and climbing. This subject is enjoyed by all ages but requires concentration and awareness throughout.



Is a beautiful expressive dance style performed by both males and females. The female wearing a calf length circular skirt that moves freely with the music. Lyrical uses a combination of ballet and modern jazz moves and is performed to lullaby's and ballads



Dancing uses shoes with fitted metal toe and heel pieces. This is a very rhythmical style of dance that requires precision, nimble feet and lots of energy.  Over recent years the range of music used to dance to has shown no limits. A great dance style for boys.


Musical Theatre / Theatreworks

Incorporates dancing, singing and acting. This subject prepares students who wish to perform and encourages self confidence and expression through the three art forms.  This is combined into our mixed style classes.



The foundation technique of all great dancers. This elegant, defined and controlled dance style is essential for anyone considering a professional career in the performing arts.